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My name is Sue Jarvis, working mum and founder of Halcyon Bracelets. Halcyon Bracelets was established in 2013 and since then received many accolades for a great service,  a caring attitude and above all, a reliable and high quality product. Halcyon Bracelets are made from 99.9% of the purest copper available (the .1% being the lacquer coating on the outside for protection during transportation) They are nickel free and do not have any magnets in.


Each pair of bracelets have been carefully packaged by hand and come with a free cleaning cloth.  Additional cloths are available to buy on the "Shop" page.


It is important to get the correct size and to wear correctly, so please see the "Sizing" page and "Fitting" page.






Halcyon Bracelets

Tel: 01277 656273

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7 Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex. CM12 0DU

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Each pair of Halcyon Bracelets come with a free cleaning cloth and additional cloths can be purchased on the Shop page.


Give your bracelets a good clean once every week or two, especially underneath to remove any tarnish build up. Please wash them thoroughly after using the cloth as it is impregnated with cleaning fluid.


Halcyon Bracelets may leave a greenish residue on your wrists.  This is perfectly normal and can be washed off with soap and water.  If however the marks are stubborn, you can try using lemon juice or white vinegar on a clean cloth and rub gently to remove.