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Over the last 4 years, I have had many hundreds of testimonials and comments extolling the virtues of wearing Halcyon Bracelets. However, due to advertising restrictions, I am now no longer allowed to add the testimonials which mention the reason I specifically brought them to market in the first place (which is mentioned in most of them I have kept privately on record) They are of course still readily available to buy on this site. Here are a few extracted testimonials which I hope that once having read them, you can see that the bracelets are a great product and that I am, and always have been, acting with honesty and integrity.

The bracelets arrived today. Thank you so much for your help and for the wonderful customer service I received.

Nerys Quick 16th October 2017


Hi. I purchased two bracelets from you some time ago, and the result has been amazing.

Jo Hamilton 16th October 2017


Can definitely recommend them. Thought they might be worth a try and so glad I did. XXX

Jacky Brown 6th August 2017


BEST THINGS I'VE EVER BOUGHT. Need to buy new ones soon couldn't do without them now  

Lorraine Toner 5th August 2017


Had mine about 2 years and couldn't be without them now. Bought some for my sister too.

Mandi Withycombe 22nd June, 2016


Denise Wood   Ive had them about a year or more. Wouldn't be without them .

13TH June 2017


These are brilliant so glad I bought some about 3 years ago . X

Norma Kennerley 12th June 2017


Had them for a few months and couldn't do without them.. The best money I have ever spent.

Irene Lawrence 2nd May 2017


"THE SERVICE IS FIRST CLASS" Thank you so much the service is first class only 2 days from sending back to getting bigger size fab service thanks again

Kitty Aiken 29th April 2017


I just want to say a Huge Thank you from my hubby and me. The bracelets we bought from you a few months ago, have transformed both of our lives. Fantastic, Thank you

Maggie Jenkins 16th February 2017


Worn these each night for 6 weeks. Would certainly recommend them.

Gwyneth Rayner 14th November, 2016


"BEST THING EVER" My partner bought me some for my birthday. OMG BEST THING EVER!!! Fantastic wish I'd bought them when I first saw the ad for them amazing thank u xx

Rachel Payne 8th November, 2016


Ok I was very dubious about the bracelets but with your money back guarantee then I thought I may as well try them as I've nothing to lose. Well, I've bought a second pair for my hubby and I must say, Thank you for such a brilliant product x

Dorothy Plummer via Facebook Message


Thanks Sue for sharing your great discovery! I don't usually email back or give feedback however they have made such a difference.

Thanks again for emailing me back.

Kindest regards

Helen Campbell November 2015