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Over the last 4 years, I have had many hundreds of testimonials and comments extolling the virtues of wearing Halcyon Bracelets. However, due to advertising restrictions, I am now no longer allowed to add the testimonials which mention the reason I specifically brought them to market in the first place (which is mentioned in most of them I have kept privately on record) They are of course still readily available to buy on this site. Here are a few extracted testimonials which I hope that once having read them, you can see that the bracelets are a great product and that I am, and always have been, acting with honesty and integrity.

I WOULDN’T BE WITHOUT MY BRACELETS for the world. I have recommended them to several people. They are a god send would not go away without them.

Christine Slaney 21st January 2018



Dear Sue,

After buying mine they worked almost instantly I recommended them to my sister who bought some and found the same. This Christmas I bought some for my 89 year old dad who has suffered continually. He used them and got instant results.

So, in short I would thoroughly recommend them and will continue to do so for restless leg sufferers.

Kind regards, Kate. 19th January 2018


The bracelets arrived today. Thank you so much for your help and for the wonderful customer service I received.

Nerys Quick 16th October 2017


Hi. I purchased two bracelets from you some time ago, and the result has been amazing.

Jo Hamilton 16th October 2017


Can definitely recommend them. Thought they might be worth a try and so glad I did. XXX

Jacky Brown 6th August 2017


BEST THINGS I'VE EVER BOUGHT. Need to buy new ones soon couldn't do without them now  

Lorraine Toner 5th August 2017


Had mine about 2 years and couldn't be without them now. Bought some for my sister too.

Mandi Withycombe 22nd June, 2016


Denise Wood   Ive had them about a year or more. Wouldn't be without them .

13TH June 2017


These are brilliant so glad I bought some about 3 years ago . X

Norma Kennerley 12th June 2017


Had them for a few months and couldn't do without them.. The best money I have ever spent.

Irene Lawrence 2nd May 2017


"THE SERVICE IS FIRST CLASS" Thank you so much the service is first class only 2 days from sending back to getting bigger size fab service thanks again

Kitty Aiken 29th April 2017


I just want to say a Huge Thank you from my hubby and me. The bracelets we bought from you a few months ago, have transformed both of our lives. Fantastic, Thank you

Maggie Jenkins 16th February 2017


Worn these each night for 6 weeks. Would certainly recommend them.

Gwyneth Rayner 14th November, 2016


"BEST THING EVER" My partner bought me some for my birthday. OMG BEST THING EVER!!! Fantastic wish I'd bought them when I first saw the ad for them amazing thank u xx

Rachel Payne 8th November, 2016


Ok I was very dubious about the bracelets but with your money back guarantee then I thought I may as well try them as I've nothing to lose. Well, I've bought a second pair for my hubby and I must say, Thank you for such a brilliant product x

Dorothy Plummer via Facebook Message


Thanks Sue for sharing your great discovery! I don't usually email back or give feedback however they have made such a difference.

Thanks again for emailing me back.

Kindest regards

Helen Campbell November 2015